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Fundación MAPFRE

Culture department

Rules applicable to guided visits of the exhibitions in the Culture Area of Fundación MAPFRE


  • All group visits will be governed by these rules. A group is defined as a party of 6 or more people in which one of the members acts as a guide during the visit of the exhibition space.
  • Groups may not exceed 15 people, including the guide. This maximum number may occasionally be varied at the discretion of Fundación MAPFRE according to the nature of the exhibition.
  • Applicants may not reserve more than two visits per day or ten visits per exhibition.
  • Visits will have a maximum duration of 60 minutes from the start time reserved and the timing of the tour should be divided up in a uniform way. Fundación MAPFRE reserves the right to refuse entry to a guided visit if it does not begin within 20 minutes of the start time reserved.
  • Upon arrival at the exhibition space, group leaders will identify themselves at the reception desk and will be given a badge which specifies the visiting time and, where appropriate, the exhibition space that may be visited. The group’s guide will wear this badge throughout the visit in such a way that it is permanently visible to the exhibition space support staff.
  • It is essential to use a Group Guide System, comprising a microphone for the guide and a receiver for each member of the group. The group leader must pay €1 per participant to the Audio-guide service with the group leader being free of charge.

To ensure the quality of visits, Fundación MAPFRE reminds guides to maintain an appropriate tone of voice at all times.

  • The guide will be responsible for conveying Fundación MAPFRE’s instructions relating to behavior in the hall to the group with regard to behavior in the exhibition space.
  • It is not allowed to bring food and drink into the exhibition spaces nor use mobile phones. Umbrellas and large objects must be left in the checkroom. Neither photography nor filming is permitted, and adults should hold their children’s hands and avoid them behaving in a way that could disturb other visitors.
  • Visits must finish punctually. If this rule is not complied with, Fundación MAPFRE exhibition staff will advise the guide of the situation, reserving the right to request that security personnel remove the group should their instructions not be followed.
  • In the case of repeated non-compliance of one or more of these rules by group leaders, the Foundation reserves the right to place a temporary or permanent ban on their right to request reservations.