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Perez Siquier – External Groups

Carlos Pérez Siquier

From February 14th to May 17th, 2020

The work of Carlos Pérez Siquier (b. 1930) stands out within the context of Spanish and international photographic practice for its fundamental roles in promoting the professionalization of photography in Spain, and in forging a modern photographic language. Pérez Siquier accomplished the latter through his early adoption of neorealist tenets and through his subsequent pioneering of color photography. In both modes, Pérez Siquier acts from a position of artistic privilege, but also shoots with an outsider’s perspective; his singular photographic style demonstrates confidence in his authorship, yet he is self-taught, never having received academic training.

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This exhibition is a broad retrospective that includes his most notable series made between 1957 and 2018, with an important selection of unpublished images. This project will contribute to and promote the international recognition this photographer, who in 2003 was awarded the National Prize of Photography.

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